CC-BY 4.0, Sandra Lehecka

Ksenia Zaytseva


(+43 1) 51581 – 2280


... is a data analyst at the ACDH.

She graduated from the international Master’s programme in library and information science ‘Digital Library Learning’ (DILL) which was offered in cooperation among three universities in Norway, Estonia and Italy, with a thesis on the development of semantic annotation in the digital humanities.

Ksenia coordinates work on Reference Resources and Controlled Vocabularies with the main focus to further develop and maintain the ACDH Vocabularies platform which provides services for vocabularies management such as repository, editor, SPARQL endpoint and visualization.

She is also involved in the development of data driven applications for digital humanities projects in archaeological and linguistic domains. She contributes to the DjangoBaseProject, an open source software that provides generic functionalities and solutions for building web applications in DH projects. Her research interests are Semantic Web technologies and Linked (Open) Data, methods and technologies in knowledge engineering and machine learning for data analysis.


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