Katharina Ruth Wünsche


... is a web developer at the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage and is working on the DYLEN project. She studied computer science at the University of Vienna where she also worked as a student assistant and tutor. During her studies, Katharina focused on data science, visualization and document analysis and worked as a full-stack developer on various projects for schools and museums. Her fields of interest include visualization, human computer interaction, natural language processing, semantic web, science communication and linguistics.

Publications (Before ACDH-CH)

  • Chen, Jian, Ling, Meng, Li, Rui, Isenberg, Petra, Isenberg, Tobias, Sedlmair, Michael, Möller, Torsten, Laramee, Robert S., Shen, Han-Wei, Wünsche, Katharina, und Wang, Qiru. 2021. VIS30K: A Collection of Figures and Tables from IEEE Visualization Conference Publications. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 27(9): 3826–3833.