Jack Bowers


(+43 1) 51581 – 7270


… studied Linguistics and Computational Linguistics at San Jose State University (San Jose, CA, USA). His major area of focus is on working towards improving the existing standards and practices of linguistic/lexicographic markup and applying linguistic expertise to the integration of multiple textual and/or spoken data sources, with metadata and semantic/knowledge resources.

In his previous project at INRIA (France), he and the project director, Laurent Romary, worked on creating solutions for linguistically-based XML modeling of various types of underdocumented lexical data types in TEI dictionaries, including: etymology, compounding, variation, morphological/inflected data. Additionally, this project made some important strides on the utilization of linked open data sources in defining the lexical sense of an entry. Also central to the goals of this work is data compatibility between the major standards of lexical markup i.e. TEI, LMF, and the emerging ONTOLEX project.

Other significant experience is the documentation (TEI-XML & multimedia resource/corpus creation) of the Mixtepec-Mixtec language variety (spoken Juxtlahuaca district, Oaxaca Mexico) which began in 2011.