CC-BY 4.0, Sandra Lehecka

Go Sugimoto

(+43 1) 51581 – 2296


... is an open-minded, sharp, and competitive, yet friendly visionary of Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage. Years of experience in Japan, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, and Austria make him extremely unique. Over the last decade, he has played an influential role for the initiation and development of the massive projects of the European Commission (EC). Most notably, he was one of the founding members of Europeana and Archives Portal Europe to take care of metadata aggregation, semantic analysis, standardization, and system interoperability as well as software development, user evaluations, communication and dissemination, and business and marketing.

His versatile background and expertise in archaeology, heritage management, digital library, museum, archives, and linguistics lead him to work on a broad range of Digital Humanities activities. Since he joined the ACDH, not only has he been appointed by the EC as expert reviewer and monitor of H2020 research projects, but also has written and supported project proposals of ACDH for Austrian and European funding. In CLARIN, he is a part of metadata curation team, heavily working on the development of Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) and Component MetaData Infrastructure (CMDI). He is involved in the design and specifications of the Curation Module and Dashboard to make language resources and tools more accessible. His detailed research on the web traffic of the VLO demonstrated user needs and business strategies of CLARIN to align with the technical development. In addition, he tries to experiment and build prototypes of Wikipedia and DBpedia applications with PHP and/or Python, using various APIs and SPARQL endpoints with Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence techniques for federated search, semantic data integration, and gamification.


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