Enric Senabre Hidalgo


(+43 1) 51581 – 7281


...worked as coordinator and predoctoral researcher on co-creation processes at the Dimmons.net research group (Internet Interdisciplinary InstituteUOC). As member of the Platoniq collective, he was co-founder and project manager of the Goteo.org platform for civic crowdfunding.

He has been research fellow at CECAN (University of Surrey), vice-president of the Observatory for CyberSociety and professor of Software Studies at the Universitat  Oberta de Catalunya, where he holds a MA in the Information and Knowledge Society.

He studied Linguistics and Philology at the Universitat de Barcelona, and is a certified Scrum Master by the Scrum Alliance, a facilitator role he has implemented for projects like Europeana Creative or the European Cultural Foundation. He has also developed eLearning projects and open educational resources for various institutions, like the Government of Catalonia or the Mozilla Foundation.

As well as to the ProvideDH and explore.AT! projects, he will be contributing to ACDH-CH research on knowledge co-creation processes and digital participation related to open innovation, citizen science and other transdisciplinary fields.


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