David Gschösser


(+43 1) 51581 – 2243


... is a lexicographer for the Dictionary of Bavarian Dialects in Austria (‘Wörterbuch der bairischen Mundarten in Österreich’, WBÖ) at the ACDH-CH research department Variation and Change of German in Austria (‘Variation und Wandel des Deutschen in Österreich’, VaWaDiÖ).

Before joining the Austrian Academy of Sciences in September 2019, he was a scientific project assistant and an interim deputy head of the ‘Tyrolean Dialect Archive’ (‘Tiroler Dialektarchiv’, TDA) at the University of Innsbruck where he co-developed an online language atlas along with the digital phonetic script font 'Antonia Phonetic' and held an introductory seminar on ‘Language and Space’. He obtained his master’s degree in linguistics at the University of Innsbruck with a thesis on ‘The Southern Bavarian-Central Bavarian Isoglosses in the Tyrolean Unterland’ as well as a bachelor’s degree in biology and an apprenticeship diploma in orthopaedic shoemaking.

His research interests include dialectology, variational sociolinguistics, language geography, historical linguistics, phonetic/phonology and phonetic scripts.


  • Eva Wahlmüller,. 2020. flattern. Mit einem Lautungsüberblick von David Gschösser. Wörterbuch der bairischen Mundarten in Österreich (WBÖ). Publiziert über das Lexikalische Informationssystem Österreich (LIÖ).
  • Gschösser, David, Eva Wahlmüller, and Patrick Zeitlhuber. 2020. Siglenverzeichnis zum Wörterbuch der bairischen Mundarten in Österreich (WBÖ) und zum Lexikalischen Informationssystem Österreich (LIÖ).
  • Gschösser, David, Andreas Gellan, and Sonja Schwaiger. 2020. Fiduz (Font).
  • Bergermayer, Angela, and David Gschösser. 2020. Abkürzungsverzeichnis. Wörterbuch der bairischen Mundarten in Österreich (WBÖ), Lexikalisches Informationssystem Österreich (LIÖ).

Publications before ACDH

Gschösser, David, and Yvonne Kathrein. 2019. "Die Digitalisierung des Tiroler Dialektarchivs: Ein Werkstattbericht zum vorläufigen Projektende." Colloquium: New Philologies 4 (2): 52–84. doi:10.23963/cnp.2019.4.2.