Dario Kampkaspar

(+43 1) 51581 – 2227


… holds Magister degrees in history and English philology from the University of Heidelberg. During his years at the Institut für Personengeschichte he incresed his knowledge of old and rare books as well as prosopography. His next post was the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel where he was responsible for several DH projects, among these DARIAH-DE and the critical edition of Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt.

At the ACDH-CH, he is currently part of the Wien[n]erisches Diarium project team and of KONDE.

His research interests are medieval and early modern history – his Ph.D. thesis, currently in statu nascendi, is about a 1610 manuscript and centers on prosopography and the history of science –, English and Scottish history and historical linguistics. Among other projects, he is part of the DLiNA group researching networks in dramatic texts. Dario Kampkaspar is also currently the convener of the TEI SIG on newspapers and periodicals.


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