Daniela Fasching

(+43 1) 51581 – 2207


… is part of the Network & Outreach work group at the ACDH, where she is responsible for editorial work as well as the planning and organization of knowledge transfer and outreach activities and events for the ACDH. She is the spokesperson for the taskforce Knowledge Transfer & Society (concerned with public outreach inititatives) and coordinates the ACDH's internship programme. Previously, she participated in the Elise-Richter-project The Diachrony of the Nominalized Infinitive in German (principal investigator: Martina Werner) as a research intern.

She received degrees in the Study of English and American Language, Literatures and Cultures (2011) as well as Art History (2013) from the University of Vienna. During her studies, she worked as tutor and student assistant at the Art History department, contributing to the digitalization of the department’s media collection for the digital image database UNIDAM.

Before joining the ACDH, she worked in museum education and still pursues her interest in knowledge transfer and education for the arts and humanities on a freelance basis. She is also currently studying to complete her teacher training (subjects German and English) at the University of Vienna.


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