Mag. PHD

Bernhard Koller


... is a linguist whose research focuses on the grammatical study of ancient Indo-European languages. He is teaching courses on linguistics and Indo-European Studies at the University of Vienna and held a postdoc position working on the project “A Comprehensive Edition of Tocharian Manuscripts”.

He is currently a team member on the project The Characters that Shaped the Silk Road. A Database and Digital Paleography of Tarim Brahmi. His primary interests in the context of Digital Humanities lie in the creation of digital editions of ancient texts and their grammatical annotation.

Publications (Before ACDH)


Koller, Bernhard. 2016 "Virāma spelling and Tocharian A prosody." Tocharian and Indo-European Studies (17): 77-108.

Koller, Bernhard. 2015 "Hittite pai- ‘go’ and uwa- ‘come’ as Restructuring Verbs." In: Proto-Indo-European Syntax and its Development, edited by Leonid Kulikov and Nikolaos Lavidas, 79-99. John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Adaktylos, Anna-Maria, Hannes A. Fellner, Bernhard Koller, Melanie Malzahn, Katharina Simma, Raimund Staudinger. 2007 "A Concordance to the Unedited Tocharian Texts of the Berlin Turfan Collection." In: Instrumenta Tocharica, edited by Melanie Malzahn, 39-78. Heidelberg: Winter.