Anja Zagler


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…is interested in human ecology and holds a degree in Anthropology (Biology). During her studies at the University of Vienna and Umeå Universitet, Sweden, she focused on society-environment interactions and participatory research methods. In her thesis, she analyzed a political conflict on the exploitation of natural resources in the effects of climate change. Her research interests led her to a variety of different projects in the fields of Technology Assessment, History of Science, Political Ecology and Geography.

Currently, she is a member of exploration space working on biodiversity and linguistic diversity. Anja also contributes to the Citizen Science Award project food history @ exploreAT! Besides her work at the ACDH-CH she studies Pharmacy at the University of Vienna.


Publications (Before ACDH)


  • Gänsbauer, Anja, Ulrike Bechtold, and Harald Wilfing. 2016. SoFISHticated policy – social perspectives on the fish conflict in the Northeast Atlantic. Marine Policy, 66 (2016), 93-103