The online edition of the Austrian Biographical Encyclopaedia was launched in 2004 with the goal of making the print edition biographies available online and thus accessible to a broader group of users.

This situation changed fundamentally on 1.1.2011, leading to the new positioning of the project. In the meantime, a second edition of the Austrian Biographical Encyclopaedia is published online only, is compiled simultaneously with the print edition, and:

a) serves to revise and supplement the print version;

b) at this stage in the project gives priority to entries in the letter range ‘A’ to ‘H’ (i.e. the section insufficiently elaborated in the earlier print edition in terms of quantity and quality).

The entries are successively being designed in multimedia format and enriched with additional information (standard data network) through cooperation with: Bildarchiv Austria, Albertina, Österreichische Mediathek.

All published biographies are accessible online via the repository of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press; additional features only are subject to charge in the form of a ‘premium version’ (combined search, links to external sources, specific multimedia elements, etc.).


Contact at the Austrian Biographical Encyclopaedia:

Dr Christine Gruber