AUSTRIAN BIOGRAPHICAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA 1815–1950 (Österreichisches Biographisches Lexikon, ÖBL)

The first volume of the Encyclopaedia’s print edition was published in 1957. Each volume appears in individual instalments, whereby at present three instalments (in former volumes, four to five instalments) make up a volume with approx. 1,000 to 1,200 biographical entries (the long-term average). Besides the biographies, each volume includes an updated directory of library codes and list of abbreviations, as well as a list of the contributors.

To date, 14 volumes have been published, as well as instalments 67 and 68, comprising over 18,500 biographies and spanning the letter range from ‘A’ to ‘Vog’.

Instalment 68 appeared in September 2017, while instalment 69 is being prepared for print.

Completion of the print edition is planned for 2021/2022.

Initially (in the 1950s), the work was conceptualised to comprise only three to four volumes; thus many entries in volumes 1 and 2 were kept very brief and often contained only the ‘most necessary’ basic information. However, subsequent entries were gradually extended. The revisions and additions necessary to enhance the letter range ‘A’ to ‘H’ are now being successively published in the Encyclopaedia’s online edition.

All volumes of the Austrian Biographical Encyclopaedia (as well as the current instalments) can be ordered from the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press (VÖAW). The Encyclopaedia’s editorial staff does not accept orders.

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A subscription to the Series allows volumes to be purchased at a reduced price. Detailed information is available at the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press.


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