This project was founded in 1991. Its original focus in the framework of the ‘Austrian Biographical Encyclopaedia Series’ as well as in the form of funded individual publications – beyond the scope of biographical encyclopaedias – gave priority to general biographical research in an expanded form that included the description of theoretical and structural elements.

Research on Austrian personal histories aimed at, in the wider sense, detailed publications (scientific essays), as well as book projects (monographs). These were designed to supplement and deepen the work of the 'Austrian Biographical Encyclopaedia 1815–1950' and also included studies on the history of science and technology, as well as on exile and emigration.

Due to staff and budget cuts, the series was halted for the time being at the end of 2011.

However, individual research projects (also smaller externally funded projects or projects with printing subsidies) are still conducted in the framework of this project, though only sporadically.



Editorial staff of the Austrian Biographical Encyclopaedia