Be-Scienced - European Researchers' Night

Got words? We've got the technology! Explore a whole new way of looking at words and texts with the ACDH at Be-Scienced, the European Researchers' Night 2017.


Explore a whole new way to look at words and texts with the ACDH at Be-scienced – the European Researchers' Night 2017

What can a computer tell us about language? How purple is a writer’s prose – in percent? When do we diagnose a text with “noun disease”? And what can happen, when we read 100 Texts at once?

Transforming language data into zeroes and ones is not only a handy way of saving and transmitting information – computers can also help us to explore the inner workings of language and texts. Using digital methods, researchers can analyse, compare, quantify and visualise texts – and find new ways of understanding them. Whether fairy tales, historical manuscripts, a cooking recipe, a novel or a newspaper article – the digitization and digital processing of words and texts can lead to interesting new insights.

For the European Researchers' Night 2017, the ACDH invites you to come and be a digital humanities scholar for a day. At our booth, you can learn about our work and try your hand at some of the digitization tools. Want to run a scientific analysis of your own text? Bring it with you (in digital form), and use digital humanities methods to look at it in a whole new way.



29 September 2017


TGM Technologisches Gewerbemuseum
Wexstraße 19-23
1200 Vienna


Claudia Resch


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