Service and Infrastructure takes care of research-oriented innovative development as well as provision and maintenance of digital tools and services. We support research projects in the management of digital data, starting from the creation of adequate models and processes, via the conversion, integration and curation of data, up to long-term preservation. We also provide technical infrastructure, software development and technical support for the majority of projects at the ACDH-CH. The service offer of the core unit for cooperation projects is summarized under ACDH-CH Data Services.

All the work of this core unit is firmly embedded in the European research infrastructures CLARIN und DARIAH, both on the national and European level, accompanied bya balanced set of educational measures (working group ERICs & Education) and driven by a keen curiosity in current trends in the digital humanities. Innovative approaches such as semantic technologies, resource discovery, visualisation and machine learning have come to play an ever more important part in the many research endeavours in which we have been involved.

The ACDH-CH also engages in technology scouting and transfer, i.e. learning about and sounding out novel solutions from research partners from all around Europe and applying these in on-going projects. The strong international footing of the ACDH-CH is its participation in the two important H2020 projects PARTHENOS and ELEXIS. Naturally, the ACDH-CH also takes a strong interest in evolving infrastructure endeavours, most prominently the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), where the ACDH-CH has a substantial stake in the implementation of EOSC for the SSH domain in the SSHOC project.