The Wien(n)erisches Diarium, founded in 1703, is one of the oldest newspapers in the world and contains a plethora of data. The digital transformation of this historical data treasury, therefore, holds great scholarly interest.

After dedicating one year to the development of a work flow for the full text processing of several hundred issues from the eighteenth-century run of the paper, the project team will, over the course of a two-day conference, report on the specific challenges of the source material and share first insights and experiences with the academic community. With reference to concrete examples and case studies from research praxis, the conference will discuss how a digital edition of historical newspapers should ideally be laid out so as to lend itself to answering research questions from a range of different disciplines.


Participants at the conference will, ultimately, inform the decision how to further proceed with the digitized full text by contributing academic expertise and know-how early on in the development and annotation process and helping to shape the DIGITARIUM from its conception stage onwards. We therefore extend an invitation “abermalen an die Liebhaber des Wienierischen Diarii” (“once more to the amateurs of the Wienerische Diarium”), as well as those interested in digital methods and the development of the DIGITARIUM.


Programme to be announced.