ACDH virtual hackathon series

Save the date! The core goal of this event series is to promote Openness in DH and show a path towards putting it into practice.

Not only in the context of Digital Humanities but also in other research areas the Open Data movement is gaining momentum. One example of this development is the International Open Data Day which is becoming more prominent every year. The City of Vienna has launched its own annual Open Data happening. But also in the context of DH Open Data is becoming a vital part of the research process as projects such as ELEXIS are opening up (research) data. One of the benefits of Open Data is that it can be used by anyone for any purpose which makes it an ideal resource for hackathons.

Usually hackathons take place on site, participants are given tasks to be solved within a given timeframe in a fixed location. This requires the programmers to be flexible and available and to have access to travel funding. A virtual hackathon on the other hand offers people all over the globe the possibility to participate and contribute without having to travel.

For these reasons the proposed contribution is an Open Data hackathon series in a virtual format. Participants will be given a specific Open Data set and a fixed time frame within which to solve a given task on the basis of the provided data. Programmers will be able to participate either as individuals or in teams. Their code will be evaluated by a group of experts and the best submissions will be awarded winners’ certificates and prizes (1st place: 700€, 2nd: 500€, 3rd: 300€). In the end, all submissions (not only the winners’) will be made available Open Source in order for all results created in the course of the event series to be available and reusable for the entire DH community.

The three hackathons will centre on three data sets that are connected to Open Data events taking place in spring 2019. The first task will be based on a lexicographical dataset and take place at the time of the ELEXIS Observer Event. The second task will be based on an Austrian Open Government Data set provided by the City of Vienna and take place at the time of the Open Data Day Vienna. The final highlight of the series will the third hackathon that takes place in the context of the International Open Data Day and focuses on a dataset about global developments. Therefore, the tasks to be solved will be diverse and challenging for the participants, requiring different skills for each task. In the spirit of full openness, all tasks will not only be based on Open Data sets, but will also be solvable by using Open Source tools. The core goal of this event series is to promote Openness in DH and show a path towards putting it into practice.


1. Hackathon: 04.02.2019-20.02.2019 (ELEXIS hack)

2. Hackathon: 11.02.2019-28.02.2019 (Vienna Open Data Day hack)

3. Hackathon: 14.02.2019-02.03.2019 (International Open Data Day hack)

Announcement of winners: 10.05.2019

Prize awarding: 31.05.2019

Stay tuned for more information! Registration opens mid-January 2019.