Friday, 27. September 2019, 15:00 - 22:00

ACDH @ ERN 2019

At this years European Researchers' Night two ACDH projects give insights into their work.

The European Researchers’ Night is an event that highlights the diversity of research and is dedicated to bringing researchers closer to the public. The ACDH has been part of the annual event since 2017.


ACDH @ European Researchers' Night 2019

At this years European Researchers' Night in Vienna on 27 September 2019 the ACDH will be present with the projects Elexis and Exploration Space. Visitors of all ages may try their hand at the craft of lexicography, engage in a collaborative mapping process on sustainable development goals or explore augmented reality during a hands-on workshop.


Scientific Booth ELEXIS:

“Inside the Dictionary Matrix - ELEXIS and the multilingual dictionaries of the future”

At this year's European Researchers Night, the ACDH is presenting ELEXIS, a research project that revolves all around languages and words. The ACDH is one of seventeen institutional project partners all around Europe that are working on the development of a multilingual, digital lexicographic infrastructure.

Therefore a digital and partially automatically generated "Dictionary Matrix" is created and makes it possible to connect the words of many different languages at the semantic level and will allow users to find dictionary entries on words of the same meaning in all the languages included in it - making it possible to translate even between language pairs for which no dictionary has been written yet.

The ELEXIS Dictionary Matrix is still under development, but at ERN 2019, visitors of all ages can gain insight into how it is created and at the same time try their hand at the craft of lexicography: Who can connect a word in a (more or less familiar) language with its counterparts in other languages and help to expand our (analogue) multilingual dictionary?


Scientific Booth Exploration Space:

"Futurecraft 4 a social city Vienna - Digital scenarios and sustainable development goals"

Exploration Space in collaboration with Ars Electronica - knowledge for humanity hub, Knowledge City Vienna and Social City Vienna is organizing for the European Researchers Night (ERN) a collaborative mapping for envisioning interactions concerning citizen innovation and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on a personal level (Good Life Goals GLG).

Participants will engage in a collaborative mapping process with a digital focus, contributing to information landscapes for more sustainable futures. The session, based on experimental participatory design materials developed by researchers, is also an opportunity for knowing more about the SDGs, which address various areas of urgency at the global level for sustainable development, such as reducing inequalities or protecting the environment.


Workshop Exploration Space:

"The easy way - Cultural Storytelling via mixed reality"

On the intersection of science, art and emerging technology, Exploration Space in collaboration with ars electronica, artivive and the visual artist daniela litto invite for joint exploration and discovery. In this augmented reality hands-on workshop we discover together individual narratives framing our culture in the urban space. Against the background of food as product, service and emotion we are digging into food as tangible and intangible heritage, our experiences with food trends and envision future food, artistic expressing our stories and findings in animated pictures.

We are introducing into augmented reality and the artivive app, allowing us to simply leave digital traces in the air in the form of letters, pictures, tatoos, paintings or videos. The lab offers the opportunity, to create your own animations and bring these to life on site. Participants work with their own digital tools, smartphones and/or tablets, or notebooks.