Research Department „Variation and Change of German in Austria“

The aim of the research department VaWaDiÖ is the exploration of variation and change of German in Austria with a special focus on lexis (cf. WBÖ), morphology (especially word formation) and syntax.

Methods and paradigms of the Digital Humanities play a central role in this regard. One thematic focus is on innovative approaches that are situated in the domain of visualization (cf. Austrian Dialect Cartography 1924-56).
The projects of the department will either be partially or completely multi-dimensionally linked to the online research platform “Lexis of German in Austria”, which is currently in the planning stage. Through the platform it will be possible to perform different query and search functions in order to access the processed data and materials (e.g. linguistic maps, sound recordings, and questionnaires), compiled analyses as well as lexicographic articles. A special emphasis is placed on the data networks between the different projects of the department on the one hand (e.g. WBÖ articles, WBÖ main catalog scans, WBÖ literature, linguistic maps, data analyses, sound recordings) and between the department-internal data and external cooperation projects on the other hand. Already in the beginning phase of VaWaDiÖ (2017), the department has undertaken the digitization of one of the main analog sources of the WBÖ (Dictionary of Bavarian Dialects in Austria), the so-called Hauptkatalog ('main catalogue').