Data, Resources and Standards

Freely available digital resources of high quality have become both the basis and primary output of humanities research. This working group’s scope of activities covers the whole live cycle of DH research data: from supporting researchers with professional data management in the planning and implementation phases of projects, the creation of adequate models and processes, to the conversion, integration and curation of data right to its long-term preservation.

The unit’s “Save The Data” initiative deals with the transformation of existing research results and data (especially those of the Academy) into standardized formats in order to ensure their reusability in a sustainable manner. The team also runs the Digitization Centre which pools digitization infrastructures and makes them available to all institutes within the Academy. An important area of focus in our work is digital language resources, in particular lexical resources and infrastructures for digital editions.

The work on and with heterogeneous digital resources requires a close dialogue between various disciplines and continuous engagement with relevant standards (such as TEI, METS/MODS, CMDI, SKOS or other RDF vocabularies). Members of the institute also contribute to the work of other relevant local and international bodies (Austrian Standards, CLARIN Standards Committee and Guidelines and Standards - DARIAH).