Tools, Services and Systems

The working group’s field of activity encompasses research-oriented development, provision and maintenance of innovative digital tools and services.

We provide solutions for a wide range of digital research purposes: data creation, description, enrichment, visualization, analysis, publishing and archival. Whereas we prefer to make use of, or adapt existing solutions, where needed, we develop new ones. In accordance with the principles of open source, most of our software projects are available on the ACDH-OeAW GitHub account (currently 70 repositories).

Our focus areas are:
(a) services for the production, publication and analysis of digital text and language ressources;
(b) solutions for the preservation and archiving of digital research data; and
(c) creating a versatile framework for the curation and publication of structured data that can be adapted to particular projects in a modular and flexible manner. All of these areas are embedded in and harmonised with the activities of the European research infrastructures.

The working group is also in charge of the technical infrastructures of the institute, the provision and monitoring of digital services and applications. In all of these activities, we closely cooperate with the Academy’s computing centre (ARZ).