Core Units

The ACDH's activities and competences are divided up between five core units or working groups. Follow the links to find more information on each unit.

Networks, Knowledge Transfer, and Outreach

Core Unit 1 supports the aims of the ACDH by connecting researchers, encouraging them to share their expertise and communicating the processes and results of digital research to the academic community and society at large.

Tools, Services, and Systems

The working group’s field of activity encompasses research-oriented development, provision and maintenance of innovative digital tools and services.

Data, Resources, and Standards

This working group supports researchers in the management of DH data from the creation of adequate models and processes, through the conversion, integration and curation of data, up to its long-term preservation.

Methods and Innovation

The Methods and Innovation working group is an open space for innovation and experimentation for the networked humanities and aims at stimulating, designing, enabling and scientifically analyzing new forms of knowledge production.

Research Department "Variation and Change of German in Austria“

VaWaDiÖ explores the variation and change of German in Austria with a special focus on lexis (cf. WBÖ), morphology (especially word formation) and syntax.