Thursday, 05. December 2019, 17:00

Book Presentation: The "Wien[n]erische Diarium" in the 18th Century

"From Diarium to DIGITARIUM" is the subject of two issues of the Wiener Geschichtsblätter.

Founded in 1703, the Wien[n]erische Diarium is considered the world’s oldest existing newspaper. It comprises a wealth of historical data and its digitisation is, therefore, of great scholarly interest.

The successful transformation “From Diarium to DIGITARIUM” was the topic of a transdisciplinary conference at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Institute of Austrian Historical Research of the University of Vienna. The conference proceedings are now published in Wiener Geschichtsblätter 2019, issues 2 and 3.

The contributions to issue 2 discuss fundamentals of full text digitisation of historical newspapers, its technical requirements and, in particular, the identification of personal and place names. Issue 3, on the other hand, is dedicated to emergent perspectives for such disciplines as the history of science, theatre, music, and art, as well as literary studies and linguistics.

The initiators of the publication “Wien[n]erisches Diarium im 18. Jahrhundert” and the Verein für Geschichte der Stadt Wien are delighted to jointly present Wiener Geschichtsblätter 2019, issues 2 and 3, as well as a first prototype of DIGITARIUM, which was developed in the go!digital 2.0 project and places the textual spaces of the 18th century just one mouse click away.

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