26. June 2018 – 28. June 2018

ACDH @ DH2018

As the international DH community meets in Mexico City for the DH conference, the ACDH is represented by several researchers.

From June 26th to 28th, the annual conference of the Association of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) will be taking place in Mexico City. The 2018 conference marks the first time that the event will take place in Latin America and the global south. Under the motto "Puentes/Bridges" and located in a country known for its sociocultural diversity, this year's DH consciously aims at bringing together digital humanists from distinct cultures, contexts, and socio-political realities. As the digital humanities community takes another step towards transnationality and inclusiveness, it will be exciting to see how cultural, linguistic, technological, political and ideological borders will be adressed, negotiated and traversed - and how bridges will be built.

Several ACDH researchers will be representing the ACDH in Mexico City next week:

Starting on Monday as part of the pre-conference workshop programme, Tanja Wissik will contribute to a workshop on "Innovations in Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Local, National and International Training". On Wednesday, Go Sugimoto will present his short paper "Revitalizing Wikipedia/DBpedia Open Data by Gamification - SPARQL and API Experiment for Edutainment in Digital Humanities".

Last but not least, the ACDH will also be featured in the poster gallery (sessions on Wednesday afternoon). Daniela Fasching will be presenting a poster on the innovative methods of user involvement currently being applied in the Digitarium project ("Building a Community-Driven Corpus of Historical Newspapers", Claudia Resch, Dario Kampkaspar, Daniela Fasching, Vanessa Hannesschläger, Daniel Schopper) while Tanja Wissik will be introducing the ELEXIS Project ("ELEXIS: Yet Another Research Infrastructure. Or Why We Need a Special Infrastructure for E-Lexicography in the Digital Humanities", Tanja Wissik, Ksenia Zaytseva, Thierry Declerck). Eveline Wandl-Vogt will present a poster in which the exploreAT! project team discusses the conference theme "Bridges" ("Shedding Light on Indigenous Knowledge Concepts and World Perception through Visual Analysis", Alejandro Benito, Roberto Theron, Antonio Gomez, Amelie Dorn, Eveline Wandl-Vogt).


You may also find our team members at the CLARIN/DARIAH/PARTHENOS booth - a good place to meet up and talk DH shop during the coffee breaks.