Core Units

The ACDH-CH's activities and competences are divided up between four core units or working groups. 

Central Office

Core Unit 1 is the logistical backbone of the institute, including personnel administration, project management as well as network and outreach. It aims to efficiently connect all involved partners, encourages them to share their knowledge and expertise and communicates the processes and results of digital research to the academic community and society at large.

Service and Infrastructure

Service and Infrastructure takes care of research-oriented innovative development as well as provision and maintenance of digital tools and services. They support researchers in the management of digital data, starting from the creation of adequate models and processes, via the conversion, integration and curation of data, up to long-term preservation. Central concerns are research infrastructures (ERICs) as well as educational endeavours.


Digital Humanities Research

DH Research works on a wide range of text- and historically-oriented research questions. This core unit is organised into two working groups. One focuses on historical knowledge representation, in particular methods for digital prosopography as well as collection and analysis of historical corpora. The other working group focuses on models and interfaces for digital scholarly editions, as well as wider aspects of text modelling and mining.

Cultural Heritage Research

This unit comprises several groups working on CH oriented long term projects. The current CH research groups are mainly concerned with research on language, music, literature and biographies with a special emphasis on the Austrian context.

The core unit comprises the following departments and research groups:

ACE MUSICOLOGY ÖBL Variation and Change of German in Austria