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Research Group: Comparative European Demography
Job Title:Research Group Leader

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  • Wilson, C., T. Sobotka, L. Williamson, and P. Boyle. 2013. “Migration and intergenerational replacement in Europe“ Population and Development Review 39(1): 131-157.
  • Bongaarts, J. and T. Sobotka. 2012. “A demographic explanation for the recent rise in European fertility.” Population and Development Review 38(1): 83-120. Online version
  • Schmidt, L., T. Sobotka, J.G. Bentzen, and A. Nyboe Andersen. 2012. “Demographic and medical consequences of the postponement of parenthood.” Human Reproduction Update 18(1): 29-43. Online version
  • Sobotka, T., K. Zeman, R. Lesthaeghe, T. Frejka, and K. Neels. 2012. “Postponement and recuperation in cohort fertility: Austria, Germany and Switzerland in a European context.” Comparative Population Studies- Zeitschrift für Bevölkerungswissenschaft 36(2-3, 2011): 417-452.
    Online version
    Online Appendix

    (Also available in German)
  • Sobotka, T. 2011. “Fertility in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989. Collapse and gradual recovery.” Historical Social Research (Special issue Fertility in the 20th Century: trends, policies, theories, discourses)36 (2): 246-296. pdf
  • Sobotka, T., V. Skirbekk, and D. Philipov. 2011. "Economic recession and fertility in the developed world." Population and Development Review 37(2): 267-306.
    Online version
    Press release
  • Goldstein, J. R., T. Sobotka, and A. Jasilioniene. 2009. “The end of lowest-low fertility?“ Population and Development Review 35(4): 663-700.
    Online version
    Working paper
  • Sobotka, T. and W. Lutz. 2009. "Misleading Policy Messages from the Period TFR: Should We Stop Using It?" European Demographic Research Papers 4. Vienna: Vienna Institute of Demography of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Online Version
  • Sobotka, T. 2008. “The diverse faces of the second demographic transition in Europe.” Overview Chapter 6 in: T. Frejka, T. Sobotka, J. M. Hoem, and L. Toulemon (eds.) Childbearing trends and policies in Europe. Demographic Research, Special Collection 7, Vol. 19, Article 8, pp. 171-224. Online Version
  • Sobotka, T. 2008. “The rising importance of migrants for childbearing in Europe.” Overview Chapter 7 in: T. Frejka, T. Sobotka, J. M. Hoem, and L. Toulemon (eds.) Childbearing trends and policies in Europe. Demographic Research, Special Collection 7, Vol. 19, Article 9, pp. 225-248. Online Version
  • Frejka, T., T. Sobotka, J. M. Hoem and L. Toulemon (eds.) 2008. Childbearing Trends and Policies in Europe. Demographic Research, Special Collection 7, Vol. 19, Articles 1-29, pp. 1-1178.
    Online Version
  • Sobotka, T. 2008. “Does persistent low fertility threaten the future of European populations?” In: J. Surkyn, P. Deboosere and J. van Bavel and (eds.) Demographic challenges for the 21st Century. A state of art in demography. Brussels: VUBPRESS, pp. 27-89.
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Sobotka, T. 2004. Postponement of childbearing and low fertility in Europe. Doctoral thesis, University of Groningen. Dutch University Press, Amsterdam, xiv + 298 pp.

  • Sobotka, T. 2004. “Is lowest-low fertility in Europe explained by the postponement of childbearing?” Population and Development Review 30(2): 195-220. Online version
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