Human Capital Data Lab

Population pyramids by level of education for Singapore in 1970 (left) and 2015 (right) (WIC 2015)© - VID

Research Group Leader: Anne Goujon

The Human Capital Data Laboratory was formally established in January 2014 and is the most recently formed research group within VID. Its necessity emerged during the extensive data collection that has been required to implement the population projections by level of educational attainment published in Lutz et al. (2014).

The research in the Human Capital Data Lab primarily aims at maintaining and offering a database of up to date, harmonized and validated shares of population by levels of education for all countries in the world that can be used for population projections. We further develop back projections (from 2010 back to 1970) and historical (back to 1900) reconstruction of educational attainment for as many countries as possible, together with the collection of historical data on literacy and enrolment, and of sub-regional data by levels of educational attainment. Beside the main activities of collection, estimation, harmonization, validation, and analysis of the data, we aim to develop the human capital data visualization aspects, providing one or more interface where our datasets can be visualized and downloaded.

Currently research is being done under the following themes:

Reconstruction of population by levels of education in the 20th Century

Visualization of human capital data

Analysing the role of education

… And Religion