Vienna Yearbook of Population Research

The Vienna Yearbook of Population Research has been published by the Vienna Institute of Demography at the Austrian Academy of Sciences since 2003. The Yearbook features peer- reviewed research articles addressing population trends as well as a broad range of theoretical and methodological issues in population research, particularly those relevant to developments in Austria. It also provides a scientific outlet for the demographic research community in the Vienna area and aims to bring its work to the attention of the international scientific community. The Yearbook is a successor to Demographische Informationen, a German-language research publication of the Institute, which was by then known solely by its German name Institut für Demographie. The contents of the articles published in Demographische Informationen between 1990 and 2001 may be viewed here.
The most recent volume (2006) of the Vienna Yearbook of Population Research, featuring articles on "Postponement of Childbearing in Europe" has been published in December 2006 and may be accessed here:

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van de Kaa, D. J. 2006. "Temporarily new: On low fertility and the prospect of pro-natal policies." Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2006: 193-211.

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Editor: Wolfgang Lutz
Managing editor: Tomáš Sobotka
Associate editors: Henriette Engelhardt (University of Bamberg), Gustav Feichtinger, Thomas Fent, Richard Gisser, Dimiter Philipov, Alexia Prskawetz, Sergei Scherbov

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