VID Working Papers

Contact: Anne Goujon

VID Working Paper 3/2016

Ivan Frankovic, Michael Kuhn and Stefan Wrzaczek, Medical Care within an OLG Economy with Realistic Demography Download

VID Working Paper 2/2016

Guy J. Abel, Estimates of Global Bilateral Migration Flows by Gender between 1960 and 2015 Download

VID Working Paper 1/2016

Maria Rita Testa, Valeria Bordone, Beata Osiewalska and Vegard Skirbekk, The Relation between Mother’s Socio-Economic Status and Daughter’s Fertility Intentions in Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, and Norway Download

VID Working Paper 9/2015

Roman Hoffmann and Raya Muttarak, A Tale of Disaster Experience in Two Countries: Does Education Promote Disaster Preparedness in the Philippines and Thailand Download

VID Working Paper 8/2015

Johannes Klotz and Richard Gisser, Mortality Differentials by Religious Denomination in Vienna 1981-2002 Download

VID Working Paper 7/2015

Nadia Steiber and Barbara Haas, Overworked or Underemployed? Actual and Preferred Household Employment Patterns in the Context of the Economic Crisis Download

VID Working Paper 6/2015

Eva Beaujouan, Zuzanna Brzozowska and Krystof Zeman, Childlessness Trends in Twentieth-Century Europe: Limited Link to Growing Educational Attainment Download

VID Working Paper 5/2015

Guy Abel, Estimates of Global Bilateral Migration Flows by Gender Between 1960 and 2010 Download

VID Working Paper 4/2015

Jeroen Spijker, Alternative Indicators of Population Ageing: An Inventory

VID Working Paper 3/2015

Michael Kuhn and Klaus Prettner, Population Structure and Consumption Growth: Evidence from National Transfer Accounts Download

VID Working Paper 2/2015

Tomáš Sobotka, Low Fertility in Austria and the Czech Republic: Gradual Policy Adjustments Download

VID Working Paper 1/2015

Isabella Buber-Ennser, Aspects of Gender Mainstreaming of Family and Work in Austria Download

VID Working Paper 5/2014

Isabella Buber-Ennser and Ralina Panova, Attitudes towards Parental Employment across Europe, in Australia and in Japan Download

VID Working Paper 4/2014

Abhishek Kumar, Valeria Bordone and Raya Muttarak, Influence of Older Generation’s Fertility Behaviours on Daughter’s Desired Family Size in Bihar, India Download

VID Working Paper 3/2014

Tomáš Sobotka and Éva Beaujouan, Two is Best? The Persistence of a Two-child Family Ideal in Europe Download

VID Working Paper 2/2014

Nikola Sander, Guy J. Abel, Ramon Bauer and Johannes Schmidt, Visualising Migration Flow Data with Circular Plots Download Supplementary

VID Working Paper 1/2014

Bilal Barakat, Revisiting the History of Fertility Concentration and its Measurement Download

VID Working Paper 10/2013

Isabella Buber-Ennser, Attrition in the Austrian Generations and Gender Survey Download

VID Working Paper 09/2013

Alessandra De Rose and Maria Rita Testa, Climate Change and Reproductive Intentions in Europe Download

VID Working Paper 08/2013

Paola di Giulio, Thomas Fent, Dimiter Philipov, Jana Vobecká and Maria Winkler-Dworak, State of the Art: A Family-Related Foresight Approach Download

VID Working Paper 07/2013

Nikola Sander, Guy J. Abel and Fernando Riosmena, The Future of International Migration: Developing Expert-Based Assumptions for Global Population Projections Download

VID Working Paper 06/2013

Graziella Caselli, Sven Drefahl, Marc Luy and Christian Wegner-Siegmundt, Future Mortality in Low-Mortality Countries Download

VID Working Paper 05/2013

Stuart Basten, Tomáš Sobotka and Kryštof Zeman, Future Fertility in Low Fertility Countries Download

VID Working Paper 04/2013

Ethan Sharygin, The Carbon Cost of an Educated Future: A Consumer Lifestyle Approach Download

VID Working Paper 03/2013

Maria Winkler-Dworak and Heiner Kaden, The Longevity of Academicians: Evidence from the Saxonian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Leipzig  Download

VID Working Paper 02/2013

Gustav Feichtinger, Alexia Prskawetz, Andrea Seidl, Christa Simon and Stefan Wrzaczek. Do Egalitarian Societies Boost Fertility?  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2013

Raya Muttarak, Is it (dis)Advantageous to Have Mixed Parentage? Exploring Education & Work Characteristics of Children of Interethnic Unions in Britain.  Download

VID Working Paper 09/2012

Maria Rita Testa and Stuart Basten, Have Lifetime Fertility Intentions Declined During the “Great Recession”?  Download

VID Working Paper 08/2012

Isabella Buber, Ralina Panova and Jürgen Dorbritz, Fertility Intentions of Highly Educated Men and Women and the Rush Hour of Life  Download

VID Working Paper 07/2012

Maria Rita Testa, Laura Cavalli and Alessandro Rosina, The Decision of Whether to Have a Child: Does Couple Disagreement Matter?  Download

VID Working Paper 06/2012

Michael Kuhn and Klaus Prettner, Growth and Welfare Effects of Health Care in Knowledge Based Economies  Download

VID Working Paper 05/2012

Nikola Sander and Martin Bell, Age, Period and Cohort Effects on Migration of the Baby Boomers in Australia  Download

VID Working Paper 04/2012

Theresa Grafeneder-Weissteiner, Ingrid Kubin, Klaus Prettner, Alexia Prskawetz, Stefan Wrzaczek, Coping with inefficiencies in a New Economic Geography model  Download

VID Working Paper 03/2012

Anne Goujon, Éric Caron Malenfant, and Vegard Skirbekk, Towards a Catholic North America? Projections of Religion in Canada and the US Beyond the Mid-21st

VID Working Paper 02/2012

Paola Di Giulio, Christoph Bühler, Andreas Ette, Romina Fraboni, and Kerstin Ruckdeschel, Social Capital and Fertility Intentions: The Case of Italy, Bulgaria, and West Germany  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2012

Guy J. Abel, Estimating Global Migration Flow Tables Using Place of Birth Data  Download

VID Working Paper 08/2011

Dalkhat M. Ediev, At Modal Age at Death, the Hazard Rate is Determined by its Derivative  Download

VID Working Paper 07/2011

Kryštof Zeman, Tomáš Sobotka, Richard Gisser, Maria Winkler-Dworak, and Wolfgang Lutz, Geburtenbarometer Vienna: Analysing Fertility Convergence between Vienna and Austria  Download English version  Download German version

VID Working Paper 06/2011

Gustav Feichtinger, Michael Kuhn, Alexia Prskawetz, and Stefan Wrzaczek, The Reproductive Value as Part of the Shadow Price of Population  Download

VID Working Paper 05/2011

Bilal Barakat, Time is Money: Could Deferred Graduate Retirement Finance Higher Education?  Download

VID Working Paper 04/2011

Fernando Riosmena, Maria Winkler-Dworak, Alexia Prskawetz, and Gustav Feichtinger, The Impact of Policies Influencing the Demography of Age Structured Populations: Lessons from Academies of Science.  Download

VID Working Paper 03/2011

Isabella Buber and Katrin Fliegenschnee, Are you Ready for a Child? A Methodological Triangulation on Fertility Intentions in Austria.  Download

VID Working Paper 02/2011

Thomas Fent, Belinda Aparicio Diaz, and Alexia Prskawetz, Family Policies in the Context of Low Fertility and Social Structure.  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2011

Isabella Buber, Caroline Berghammer, and Alexia Prskawetz, Doing Science, Forgoing Childbearing? Evidence from a Sample of Female Scientists in Austria.  Download

VID Working Paper 09/2010

Holger Strulik, Klaus Prettner and Alexia Prskawetz, R&D-Based Growth in the Post-Modern Era.  Download

VID Working Paper 08/2010

Klaus Prettner and Alexia Prskawetz, Demographic Change in Models of Endogenous Economic Growth. A Survey.  Download

VID Working Paper 07/2010

Priska Flandorfer, Christian Wegner, and Isabella Buber, Gender Roles and Smoking Behaviour  Download

VID Working Paper 06/2010

Bilal Barakat, Johannes Holler, Klaus Prettner, and Julia Schuster, The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Labour and Education in Europe  Download

VID Working Paper 05/2010

Theresa Grafeneder-Weissteiner and Klaus Prettner, Agglomeration Processes in Ageing Societies  Download

VID Working Paper 04/2010

Isabella Buber, Parity-Specific Weights for the Austrian Generations and Gender Survey  Download

VID Working Paper 03/2010

Maria Rita Testa, She wants, he wants: Couple’s childbearing desires in Austria  Download

VID Working Paper 02/2010

Isabella Buber, Wissenschaftlerinnen in Österreich - Zusatzerhebung im Rahmen des GGS.  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2010

Michael Kuhn; Stefan Wrzaczek; Alexia Prskawetz; and Gustav Feichtinger, Externalities in a Life-Cycle Model with Endogenous Survival  Download

VID Working Paper 08/2009

Klaus Prettner, Population Ageing and Endogenous Economic Growth  Download

VID Working Paper 07/2009

Anna Šťastná and Tomáš Sobotka, Changing Parental Leave and Shifts in Second and Third-Birth Rates in Austria Download

VID Working Paper 06/2009

Klaus Prettner and Alexia Prskawetz, Decreasing Fertility, Economic Growth and the Intergenerational Wage Gap Download

VID Working Paper 05/2009

Christian Wegner and Marc Luy, Determinants of General Health and Specific Diseases of Elderly Women and Men: A Longitudinal Analysis for Western and Eastern Germany  Download

VID Working Paper 04/2009

Stefan Wrzaczek, Michael Kuhn, Alexia Prskawetz, and Gustav Feichtinger, The Reproductive Value in Distributed Optimal Control Models Download

VID Working Paper 03/2009

Maike Wendland und Isabella Buber, Ein Vergleich der Ergebnisse der ersten Welle des Österreichischen„Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe“ (SHARE) und der „Österreichischen Gesundheitsbefragung“ (ATHIS) Download

VID Working Paper 02/2009

Elizabeth Thomson, Maria Winkler-Dworak, Martin Spielauer, and Alexia Prskawetz, Union Instability as an Engine of Fertility  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2009

Theresa Grafeneder-Weissteiner and Klaus Prettner, Agglomeration and population ageing in a two region model of exogenous growth Download

VID Working Paper 04/2008

Vegard Skirbekk, Anne Goujon, and Eric Kaufmann, Secularism or Catholicism?
The Religious Composition of the United States to 2043

VID Working Paper 03/2008

Dalkhat M. Ediev, Extrapolative Projections of Mortality: Towards a More Consistent Method   Download

VID Working Paper 02/2008

Franz Schwarz, Christian Korbel, and Johannes Klotz, Alcohol-related mortality among men in Austria 1981–2002 and the importance of qualification and employment  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2008

Isabella Buber and Henriette Engelhardt, The relation between depressive symptoms and age among older Europeans Findings from SHARE  Download

VID Working Paper 05/2007

Belinda Aparicio Diaz, Thomas Fent, Alexia Prskawetz, and Laura Bernardi, Transition to parenthood: The role of social interaction and endogenous networks  Download

VID Working Paper 04/2007

Dalkhat M. Ediev, On Projecting the Distribution of Private Households by Size  Download

VID Working Paper 03/2007

Kai Biehl und Thomas Fent, Vorausschätzungen für die Entwicklung der Gesamtbevölkerung und der Beschäftigung in Österreich bis 2035  Download

VID Working Paper 02/2007

Gustav Feichtinger, Maria Winkler-Dworak, Inga Freund, and Alexia Prskawetz, On the Age Dynamics of Learned Societies: Taking the Example of the Austrian Academy of Sciences  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2007

Maria Winkler-Dworak and Laurent Toulemon, Gender Differences in the Transition to Adulthood in France: Is There Convergence Over the Recent Period?  Download

VID Working Paper 09/2006

Prskawetz, Alexia, Marija Mamolo, and Henriette Engelhardt, Reconsidering the Relation between Fertility and Key Fertility-Related Demographic Behaviour across Space and Time  Download

VID Working Paper 08/2006

Mamolo, Marija, Union Formation, Marriage and First Birth: Convergence Across Cohorts in Austria, Hungary, Northern Italy and Slovenia?  Download

VID Working Paper 07/2006

Goujon, Anne and Samir K.C., Past and Future of Human Capital in Southeast Asia: From 1970 to 2030  Download

VID Working Paper 06/2006

Lyngstad, Torkild H., Does Community Context have Important Bearings on the Divorce Rate?  Download

VID Working Paper 05/2006

Winkler-Dworak, Maria, The Low Mortality of a Learned Society  Download

VID Working Paper 04/2006

Kim, Jungho and Alexia Prskawetz, External Shocks, Household Consumption and Fertility in Indonesia  Download

VID Working Paper 03/2006

Schwarz, Franz, Behavioral Explanation for Educational Health and Mortality Differentials in Austria  Download

VID Working Paper 02/2006

Schwarz, Franz, The Contributions of Diseases to Increasing Educational Mortality Differential in Austria  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2006

Goujon, Anne, Vegard Skirbekk, Katrin Fliegenschnee and Pawel Strzelecki, New Times, Old Beliefs: Projecting the Future Size of Religions in Austria.  Download

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VID Working Paper 10/2005

Ediev, Dalkhat M., Extension of Fisher's Classical Result on Exponential Dynamics of the Reproductive Value to a Wide Class of Populations.  Download

VID Working Paper 09/2005

Ediev, Dalkhat M., Long-Term Effects of Childbearing Postponement.  Download

VID Working Paper 08/2005

Philipov, Dimiter, Zsolt Spéder, and Francesco C. Billari, Now or Later? Fertility Intentions in Bulgaria and Hungary and the Impact of Anomie and Social Capital.  Download

VID Working Paper 07/2005 (revised version 06/2006)

Schwarz, Franz, Widening Educational Differentials in Mortality: Analysis
for Austria with International Comparisons. 

VID Working Paper 06/2005

Kim, Jungho, Henriette Engelhardt, Alexia Prskawetz, and Arnstein Aassve. Does Fertility Decrease the Welfare of Households? An Analysis of Poverty Dynamics and Fertility in Indonesia.  Download

VID Working Paper 05/2005

Kim, Jungho. Women's Education in the Fertility Transition: The Reversal of the Relationship Between Women's Education and Birth Spacing in Indonesia.  Download

VID Working Paper 04/2005

Kim, Jungho. Learning by Doing and Learning from Others in Contraceptive Technology.  Download

VID Working Paper 03/2005

Heiland, Frank, Alexia Prskawetz, and Warren C. Sanderson. Do the More-Educated Prefere Smaller Families?  Download

VID Working Paper 02/2005

Henriette Engelhardt und Alexia Prskawetz. Arbeitsmarkt und Demographie.  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2005

Sobotka, Tomáš, Maria Winkler-Dworak, Maria Rita Testa, Wolfgang Lutz, Dimiter Philipov, Henriette Engelhardt, and Richard Gisser. Monthly Estimates of the Quantum of Fertility: Towards a Fertility Monitoring System in Austria.  Download

VID Working Paper 04/2004

Schwarz, Franz. 2004. Analysis of Inequalities in Waiting Time at the Visit to the Physician using Regression Modeling for Duration Data.  Download

VID Working Paper 03/2004

Prskawetz, Alexia, Tomas Kögel, Warren C. Sanderson, and Sergei Scherbov. 2004. The Effects of Age Structure on Economic Growth: An Application of Probabilistic Forecasting to India.  Download

VID Working Paper 02/2004

Engelhardt, Henriette. 2004. Fertility Intentions and Preferences: Effects of Structural and Financial Incentives and Constraints in Austria.  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2004

Fliegenschnee, Katrin, Anne Goujon, and Wolfgang Lutz. 2004. Neue demographische Szenarien zur Zukunft der Evangelischen Kirche in Österreich.  Download

VID Working Paper 03/2003

Sanderson, Warren C., Sergei Scherbov, Brian C. O'Neill, and Wolfgang Lutz. 2003. Conditional probabilistic population forecasting.  Download

VID Working Paper 02/2003

Frejka, Tomas and Jean-Paul Sardon. 2003. Fertility Austria: Past, Present and the Near Future.  Download

VID Working Paper 01/2003

Winkler-Dworak, Maria. 2003. Food Security, Fertility Differentials and Land Degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Dynamic Framework.  Download

VID Working Paper 2002

Goldstein, Joshua R., Wolfgang Lutz, and Maria Rita Testa. 2002. The Emergence of Sub-Replacement Fertility Ideals in Europe. VID Working Papers 2002. Wien: Institut für Demographie, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften.

Working Paper 2002

Buber, I.: The effect of the completion of education on entry into motherhood in Austria or The »real« educational catch-up effect. Working Paper, Wien, 2000

Working Paper 1999

Buber, I./A. Prskawetz: Fertility in Second Unions in Austria: Findings from the Austrian FFS. Working Paper, Wien und Rostock, 1999