Postponement of Childbearing in Europe

Organizers: Vienna Institute of Demography, Università Bocconi, Milan, and IIASA

in collaboration with the Working Group on the Second Demographic Transition in Europe of the European Association for Population Studies (co-chaired by F. Billari and A. Liefbroer)

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THURSDAY, 1 December

1. Concepts, measurement, trends: 9:15-12:30 (coffee break: 10:45-11:00)

Chair: Dimiter Philipov

1.1 John Bongaarts and Griffith Feeney: "The Quantum and Tempo of Life Cycle Events." more  paper

1.2 Dalkhat Ediev: "Cohort paramount? Long-term effects of the childbearing postponement" more

1.3 Tomas Sobotka: "Measuring fertility quantum in times of shifts in fertility timing: The parity-duration approach" more

1.4 Jose-Antonio Ortega: "Plastic Age at Childbearing: A coherent model for tempo differentials in microdata" more

1.5 Laurent Toulemon: " Does postponement explain the trend to later childbearing in France?" more

1.6 Tomas Frejka and Jean-Paul Sardon "Measuring the Timing of Cohort Childbearing: Anticipation and Postponement" more

2. POSTER SESSION A: 12:30-14:00

2.1. Katrin Fliegenschnee: "Postponement of first birth in Austria and the influence of social networks. A qualitative study in Austria"

2.2. Mare Ainsaar & Pirjo Paajanen: "Reasons of postponement of births: comparison of Estonia and Finland"

2.3. Monika Mynarska, Alexey Pamporov, Marta Jakab: "An ideal sequence of life events. The use of visual aids in the process of interviewing"

2.4. Michaela Potancoková: "Reproductive careers of Slowak women during the state socialism and nowadays"

2.5. Hana Haskova: "Phenomenon of childlessness and postponement of childbearing - focus on the Czech Republic".

3. The societal-level perspective: 14:00-17:45 (coffee break 16:00-16:15)

Chair: Francesco Billari

3.1 Wolfgang Lutz Vegard Skirbekk and Maria Rita Testa: "Low fertility trap hypothesis" more

3.2 S.-Philip Morgan: "Synthesis of low fertility theories" more

3.3 Aat Liefbroer and Evert Van Imhoff: "Does the Macro-Economic Climate Have an Effect on Fertility Behaviour? An Analysis of the Netherlands 1972-2002" more

3.4 Alexia Prskawetz , Henriette Engelhart, Maria Mamolo: "A pooled time series analysis on the relation between fertility and key fertility-related demographic behavior across space and time" more

3.5 Hans-Peter Kohler, Axel Skytthe and Kaare Christensen: "The Postponement of Childbearing, Completed Fertility and Subjective Well-being" more

3.6 Hans-Peter Blossfeld: "Globalization, Uncertainty and Fertility Decisions of Young People in Modern Societies"

FRIDAY, 2 December

4. Interrelationships with other life domains and micro-macro links:   9:15-12:30 (Coffee break: 10:45-11:00)

Chair: Aat Liefbroer

4.1 Arnstein Aaasve, Letizia Mencarini, and Arjan Gjonca: "Fertility change in Albania: Evidence from LSMS survey" more

4.2 Clémentine Rossier and Jean-Marie Le Goff: "Delays and diversification in family formation patterns after the baby boom in Switzerland" more

4.3 Eva Bernhardt and Frances Goldscheider: "Parenthood attitudes and reasons for delayed childbearing in Sweden: A gender perspective" more

4.4 Zsolt Spéder and Balázs Kapitány: "Childbearing behaviour in Hungary: assessing structural and ideational factors" more

4.5 Katja Köppen: "The Compatibility between Work and Family Life - an empirical Study of Second Birth Risks in West Germany and France" more

4.6 Livia Olàh and Ewa Fratczak: "Waiting long but not too long. First childbearing at higher ages in Sweden and Poland" more

5. POSTER SESSION B:  12:30 - 14:00

5.1. Laura Bernardi, Paola Di Giulio: " The role of kinship in the reproductive histories of Italian women"

5.2. Maria Winkler-Dworak, Laurent Toulemon: "Gender difference in Family Formation in France: is there convergence over the recent period?"

5.3. Torkild Lyngstad, Alexia Prskawetz: "Do siblings' fertility histories influence each other?"

5.4. Marcantonio Caltabiano, Francesco Billari, JP. DallaZuanna: "The heirs of sexual revolution"

5.5. Mirjana Rasevic: "Postponing of childbearing in the optimal life age - basic demographic consequence of the 1990s in Serbia"

5.6. Margherita Fort: "Education and the Timing of Births: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Italy"

5.7 Janez Malacic: "Late fertility trends in Europe".

6.   Intentions, preferences, and behavior: 14:00 - 15:30

Chair: Alexia Prskawetz

6.1 Brienna Perelli-Harris: "The influence of engagement in extra activities and subjective well-being on fertility in a context of anomie: higher parity childbearing in post-Soviet Russia" more

6.2 Maria-Rita Testa and Laurent Toulemon: "Family Formation in France: Between Preferences and social constraints" more

6.3 Daniel Devolder: "Measuring the unintended components of low fertility. Voluntary and involuntary childlessness in Europe" more

(Coffee break 15:30 - 15:.45)

7. Bio-medical dimensions of a changing age at birth: 15:45-17:15

Chair: Wolfgang Lutz

7.1 Henri Leridon: "The biological obstacles to late childbearing and the limits of assisted reproduction technologies" more

7.2 Alessandro Rosina and Ester Rizzi: "Biological ageing and the probabilities of conception. Does sex matter?" more

7.3 Hideko Matsuo: "Late motherhood and its consequences: An assessment and analysis of recent birth weight and related data in Belgium" more

8. Policies 17:15-17:45

Chair: Wolfgang Lutz

8.1 Dirk Van de Kaa: "Temporarily New: On low fertility and the prospect of pro-natal policies" more

SATURDAY, 3 December

8. Policies (continued):   9:00-12:00 (coffee break: 10:30-10:45)

Chair: Chris Wilson

8.2 Paul Demeny: "For the birth rate timing counts but what ultimately matters is quantum"

8.3 Peter Mc Donald: "An assessment of policies that support having children from the perspectives of equity, efficiency and efficacy." more

8.4 Gerda Neyer: " Welfare state, family policies, and fertility in Europe: What do we know about their relationship?"

8.5 Gunnar Andersson, Jan M. Hoem, and Ann-Zofie Duvander, "Social differentials in speed-premium effects in childbearing in Sweden" more

8.6 Discussant: David Coleman   more

Lunch break:   12:00 - 12:30

12:30 - 13:45 Discussion: How long will the postponement of childbearing last?

Discussion chaired by Liefbroer.

Introductory presentations:

1: J. Goldstein and W. Lutz. more

2: F. Billari, D. Philipov. more