International Conference 

Determinants of Unusual and Differential Longevity

Vienna, 21 November - 23 November 2012


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Session 1: Longevity of the oldest-old (Chair: Bill Butz)

  • Leonid A. Gavrilov and Natalia S. Gavrilova: “Determinants of exceptional human longevity: new ideas and findings” more
  • Jon Anson: “Surviving to be the oldest old – destiny or chance?” more
  • Karen Cheung SL and Jean-Marie Robine: “Predictors of longevity: evidence from the near-centenarians and centenarians in Hong Kong” more
Session 2: Time trends in longevity and mortality (Chair: Graziella Caselli)
  • Frans van Poppel, Govert Bijwaard, Mart van Lieburg, Fred van Lieburg and Rik Hoekstra: “Medical men: forerunners in the mortality decline in the Netherlands?” more
  • Jim Oeppen and Oskar Burger: “North-west European exceptional longevity in a global context: 1550-2000” more
  • Maria Winkler-Dworak: “The low mortality of Learned Societies: an international comparison” more

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Session 3: Risk factors and determinants of longevity in national populations
(Chair: Isabella Buber-Ennser)
  • Frederik Peters, Wilma J. Nusselder and Johan P. Mackenbach: “Measuring the relative progress of mortality improvement to evaluate stagnation and sudden increase of life expectancy in the Netherlands 1950-2008” more
  • Jean-Marie Robine, François R. Herrmann, Yasumichi Arai, D. Craig Willcox, Yasuyuki Gondo, Nobuyushi Hirose, Makoto Suzuki and Yasuhiko Saito: “Exploring the impact of climate on human longevity”
  • Alyson van Raalte, Mikko Myrskylä and Pekka Martikainen: “The impact of smoking on mortality compression: an analysis of Finnish occupational classes, 1971-2007” more
Session 4: Inheritance of longevity and effects related to reproduction (Chair: Jim Oeppen)
  • Graziella Caselli, Enrica Lapucci, Rosa Maria Lipsi and James W. Vaupel: “Exploring Sardinian longevity: fertility and parental longevity” more
  • Luisa Salaris, Nicola Tedesco and Michel Poulain: “Familial transmission of human longevity: a population-based study in an inland village of Sardinia (Italy), 1850-2010”
  • Valérie Jarry, Alain Gagnon and Robert Bourbeau: “To what extent is exceptional longevity associated with parental age at childbirth and birth order?” more
Poster Session
  • Petya Braynova: “An age-decomposition of the difference in life expectancy between men and women - body mass index and non-smoking effects” more
  • Nika Maglaperidze: “Analysis of changed life expectancy in Georgia from 1989 to 2010” more
  • Frederik Peters, Wilma J. Nusselder and Johan P. Mackenbach: “ New worries in measurement of population health – life expectancy reconsidered”
  • Pia Wohland, Philip Rees and Carol Jagger: “Explaining inequality in mortality and health across the UK – mind the gap” more
  • Elena Zemlyanova: “Analysis of geographic peculiarities of longevity distribution in Russia” more
Session 5: Longevity islands (Chair: Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz)
  • Rembrandt D. Scholz and Sebastian Klüsener: “Exceptional longevity by place of birth and place of death in Germany: How consistent and informative are spatial patterns?” more
  • Michel Poulain, Anne Herm and Gianni Pes: “The blue zones: areas of exceptional longevity around the world”
  • Luis Rosero-Bixby: “The Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica: a longevity island for adult males”
Session 6: Phenomena of unusual longevity (Chair: Richard G. Rogers)
  • Ethan Sharygin: “Uncovering unusual mortality differentials in Russia and Kazahkhstan” more
  • Junji Kageyama: “Exploring the myth of unhappiness in former Communist countries: the roles of the sex gap in life expectancy and marital status composition” more

Friday, 23 November 2012

Session 7: Longevity and mortality of specific risk groups (Chair: Charlotte Höhn)
  • Katharina Belting, Ronny Westerman and Ulrich O. Mueller: “Reproductive history and mortality of fertile and subfertile men” more
  • Rick Rogers, Patrick M. Krueger, Richard Miech and Elizabeth Lawrence: “Teetotalers and mortality risk” more
  • Morgan E. Levine: “Evidence of resiliency among long-lived smokers” more
Session 8: Modal age at death and the process of rectangularization (Chair: Sergei Scherbov)
  • Shiro Horiuchi, Nadine Ouellette, Siu Lan K. Cheung and Jean-Marie Robine: “Modal age at death: life span indicator in the era of longevity extension” more
  • Fanny Janssen, Valentin Rousson and Fred Paccaud: “The role of smoking in rectangularization and longevity extension in western Europe” more
  • Viorela Dianconu, Robert Bourbeau, Nadine Ouellette and Carlo G. Camarda: “Changes in the age-at-death distribution by leading causes of death in Canada: an innovative analysis through a non-parametric method” more






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