Co-ordination of HTA activities in Europe

The ECHTA project (European Collaboration for Assessment of Health Interventions) – funded by DG V – was co-ordinated by a research team at the SBU in Stockholm: All European HTA agencies participated in one or the other working group of the ECHTA project.


It was the general aim of the ECHTA to strengthen co-ordination and co-operation of all kind of HTA activities on evaluations of health interventions. The main focus of ECHTA was to strengthen the structures of exchange of HTA knowledge.

The working groups were:

  1. To assess health promotion and disease prevention activities in terms of benefits, risks and economic, social, and ethical implications as a complement to Community health indicators.
  2. To develop systems for routine exchange of information between programmes on:
    # Evaluation of health promotion and disease prevention
    # Emerging issues
    # Priorities for future evaluation
    # Conduct and timing of ongoing evaluations, findings of all evaluations.
  3. To identify possible joint assessment and to coordinate findings and existing resources within the Community to support joint assessments.
  4. To develop and disseminate best practice in undertaking and reporting assessments. Identifying needs for methodological development.
  5. To develop and coordinate education and support networks for individuals and organisations undertaking, or using assessment of health interventions. Identify needs in the field and assist in the establishment of new provisions.
  6. To identify and share successful approaches to link findings of these assessments, and their contribution to health indicators, to health care decision making.

Together with the German HTA researchers the ITA gave input and participate in working group on “Best practice” of undertaking and reporting assessments.

07/1999 - 04/2001