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[2017/03/16] ISA Regional Guest Lecture: Niko Besnier - Rethinking Masculinity through Sport: Cameroonian Footballers, Senegalese Wrestlers, and Fijian Rugby Boys
[2017/03/06] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell" - Adnan Tabatabai - Iran: Gestern Atomdeal. Heute Trump. Morgen Hardliner?
[2017/03/03-23] OeOG-ISA Vortragsreihe zur Fluchtforschung: Der Mittelmeerraum als Drehscheibe fuer Fluechtlingsbewegungen
[2017/02/14] ISA Regional Guest Lecture: Barbara Gerke - Reformulations in Sowa Rigpa: Thinking about "Classical Formulas," Taking the Example of Tibetan Precious Pills
[2017/01/26] ISA International Guest Lecture: Pia Jolliffe - The "Gift of Education" and Intergenerational Relations among the Karen People"
[2017/01/26] Buchpräsentation: Nomadic Artefacts
[2016/12/06] ISA International Guest Lecture: Mona Abaza - Cairo: On Enduring Daily Life and Subjective Flaire-Ups
[2016/11/10] ISA International Guest Lecture: Astrid Hovden - Monastic Recruitment, Household Organisation, and New Networks of Patronage in a Himalayan Frontier Community
[2016/11/08] RAI "Anthropology in Austria" Day
[2016/10/27] ISA International Guest Lecture in Cooperation with IFK: Britta Lange - Anthropological Registration: Photographic Techniques during the First World War
[2016/10/17] 11th Eric Wolf Lecture: Anna Tsing - Others without History
[2016/10/06] ISA International Guest Lecture: Roy Ellen - Demography, Marriage Patterns and Cultural Resilience
[2016/10/03] JOUR FIXE „NAHOST AKTUELL": Kurden im Irak
[2016/09/29] ISA Research Forum: Barbara Goetsch - Theory of Mind at Work: Social Reasoning in an Urban Morroccan NGO Setting
[2016/09/15] ISA Regional Guest Lecture: Zoltan Pall - Salafism in Lebanon: Local and Transnational Movements
[2016/09/14-10/09] Ausstellung: Nomadic Artefacts
[2016/07/15] ISA Regional Guest Lecture: Narumon Arunotai - Hopeless at Sea, Landless on Shore: Looking beyond the Sea Nomads Plights in Thailand
[2016/07/11] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": Ägypten in der Krise: Politik, Wirtschaft, Demographie
[2016/06/23] ISA International Guest Lecture: Volker Schmidt - Global Transformation in the Age of Global Modernity
[2016/06/16] ISA Book Presentation: Helmut Lukas - Christoph Carl Fernberger: The first Austrian in Patani and Ayudhya
[2016/05/20] ROR-n Lecture: Gabriele Rasuly-Paleczek - Years of Flight, Displacement and Resettlement: Case Study From Afghanistan
[2016/05/12] ISA Research Forum: Marieke Brandt - Tribes and Politics in Yemen: A History of the Houthi Conflict
[2016/05/02] JOUR FIXE „NAHOST AKTUELL“: „Die Wurzeln der arabischen Krise"
[2016/04/15] ISA & VISCOM Lecture: Roxani Margariti -The Adenis: Local, Regional and Transregional Networks and Allegiances at Yemen’s Indian Ocean Hub in the Middle Ages
[2016/04/14-15] Workshop: Social Media and Islamic Practice in Southeast Asia
[2016/04/01] ROR-N Lecture: Leonardo Schiocchet - On the Brink of a State of Exception? Austria, Europe and the Refugee Crisis
[2016/04/01] ISA Research Forum: Stefan Krist - Reasons and Repercussions of Recent Revitalizations of Traditional Sports in Asia and Worldwide
[2016/03/31] ISA International Guest Lecture: Judith Schlehe - World-Making and Ideas of Arabness in Indonesia: Experiences of Alumni from the Middle East
[2016/03/07] Jour Fixe 'Nahost Aktuell': Algerien zwischen Stagnation und Wandel
[2016/03/04] ROR-n Lectures: Ibrahim Sirkeci - Migration Crisis, Conflict and Syrians
[2016/02/18] ISA Research Forum: Eirik Hovden - Islamic Charitable Foundations in Yemen: Knowing the Law
[2016/01/19] ISA International Guest Lecture: Ulrike Freitag - Migration and labour in a Red Sea port: Jeddah in the late Ottoman period
[2016/01/14] International Guest Lecture: Anthony Redmond - Time, history and innovation in Aboriginal song texts from the Kimberley region of Western Australia
[2015/12/03] ISA International Guest Lecture: Dorothy Louise Zinn - Shifting Boundaries: Migration and Belonging in South Tyrol, Italy
[2015/11/19] ISA Research Forum: Claudia Aufschnaiter - Chai for Change? Stories of Adivasi Indigeneities, Selfreliance,ISA-Einladung and Activism
[2015/11/13] ISA International Guest Lecture: Brinkley Messick - The Anthropology of a Textual Tradition
[2015/11/09] 10th Eric Wolf Lecture: Gavin Smith - Elusive Relations: Distant, Intimate, and Hostile
[2015/10/30] Podiumsdiskussion: Flucht, Migration & Asyl. Herausforderungen für Europa
[2015/10/15] ISA International Guest Lecture: Lena Springer - Ethnographies of Trans-Regional Pharma-Craft and Science in Contemporary China
[2015/10/05] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": Die Flucht aus dem Nahen Osten
[2015/09/7-11] International Conference: CHAGS
[2015/09/22] ISA & VISCOM Lecture: Bernhard Jussen - Verwandtschaftssystem & Ressourcenorganisation: Die Neudeutung der europäischen Geschichte von Ehe und Verwandtschaft und ihre Konsequenzen für die Mediävistik
[2015/08/11-14] International Conference: EuroSEAS
[2015/06/30] ISA-AMCE Ethnographic Film Series: Super Women
[2015/06/22-23] International Conference: Êzîdîs’ Violent History and Current Experience
[2015/06/11] ISA Regional Guest Lecture: Sofian Merabet - Walking in Contemporary Beirut, a Methodological Tool to Theorize Queer Worlds
[2015/05/19] ISA International Guest Lecture: Brigitta Hauser-Schäublin - "Being Indigenous": Ethnogenesis in Indonesia
[2015/05/18] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": Saudi-Arabien nach König Abdullah
[2015/05/13] ISA Regional Research Group Lecture: Tenzin Jinba - When the Chinese and Tibetan civilizing missions converge
[2015/05/06] ISA Regional Research Group Lecture: Christian Suhr - Islamic exorcism and the cinema fist
[2015/05/04] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": "Ägypten unter Präsident Sisi"
[2015/04/23-25] 10. Tage der Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie
[2015/04/21] ISA - AMCE Ethnographic Film Series: Bridging the Divide
[2015/04/16] ISA Informal Workshop: Matti Bunzl - From Cultural Anthropology to Cultural Management
[2015/04/09] ISA Research Forum: Noura Kamal - Reconstructing the Present through Memories of the Past - Nablus under Siege and Occupation
[2015/04/07] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": Kalifat des Schreckens – IS und die Bedrohung durch den islamistischen Terror
[2015/03/24] ISA - AMCE Ethnographic Film Series: Ainu, Pathways to Memory
[2015/03/06] ISA & IKSA Vienna Dialogues in Medical Anthropology: Laurent Pordié - New Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals, Hangovers and Society
[2015/03/05] ISA International Guest Lecture: Laurent Pordié - The Nodal Points of Transnational Bionetworking
[2015/03/02] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": Föderalismus oder Staatszerfall – wohin steuert der Jemen?
[2015/02/26] ISA International Guest Lecture: Annelies Moors - Islamic Marriages' and the Secular Rule: Religion, Sexuality and the Public/Private Divide
[2015/02/12] ISA & VISCOM Lectures: Asmahan Al-Garoo - Politics and Antiquities in Yemen in the Writings of al-Hasan al-Hamdani in the 10th Century, G.Rex Smith - The Language of Ibn al-Mujawir's Tarikh al-Mustabsir
[2015/01/29] ISA International Guest Lecture: Martin Saxer - Remoteness and Connectivity in the Himalayas
[2015/01/27] ISA-AMCE Ethnographic Film Series: Flowers from the Mount of Olives
[2015/01/22] ISA International Guest Lecture: Iradj E. Ghouchani - Some General Features of Persian-Islamic Dreams
[2015/01/15] ISA Research Forum: Christian Jahoda - The Beda No Land, the Dog no Load': Systems of Land Ownership and Social Order in the Tibetan-speaking societie of Spiti and Upper Kinnaur, North-west India (19th-20th c.)
[2014/12/16] ISA - AMCE Ethnographic Film Series: Ashiq: The Last Troubadour
[2014/12/11] ISA International Guest Lecture: Ismail Fajrie Alatas - Narrating a Saintly Past: Cross-Chronotope Alignment and Dilemma of Discernment in a Contemporary Hawl in Central Java
[2014/12/04] ISA International Guest Lecture/Viscom: The world of the Periplus Maris Erythraei
[2014/12/02] ISA - AMCE Ethnographic Film Series: Maîtres de chant diphonique
[2014/12/01] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": Der Iran nach den Atomverhandlungen
[2014/12/01] ISA Guest Lecture: Angela Schottenhammer - China's Gate to the South: Iranian and Arab Networks in Guangzhou during the Tang-Song Transition (c. 750-1050)
[2014/11/27] ISA Research Forum: Calum Blaikie - From Homemade to Hi-Tech: Assembling Tibetan Medicines in India and Bhutan
[2014/11/26] ISA presentation & discussion: Damian Omar Martinez
[2014/11/18] ISA - AMCE Ethnographic Film Series: Cinema Palestine
[2014/11/10] 9th Eric Wolf Lecture: Ulf Hannerz - Writing Futures: An Anthropologist's View of Global Scenarios
[2014/11/06] ISA Research Forum: Felix Ringel - Beyond Temporality: Notes on the Anthropology of Time from a Shrinking Fieldsite
[2014/11/04] ISA - AMCE Ethnographic Film Series: Behind the Wheel
[2014/11/03] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": "Neue Linien im Sand"
[2014/10/30] ISA International Guest Lecture: Anne K. Bang - Yemen and the Indian Ocean: Migration, People and Religious Texts
[2014/10/23] ISA Research Forum: Ines Kohl - Sahara Connected: Highlights of a 3-years-project on transnational mobility and economic strategies between Maghreb and Sahel
[2014/10/21] ISA - AMCE Ethnographic Film Series: "Following the Peacock"
[2014/10/06] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": "Die syrische Tragödie"
[2014/06/26] ISA Research Forum: Leonardo Schiocchet - Viennese Palestinians: Flows from the Austrian-Palestinian Encounter
[2014/06/12] Keynote-Vortag des Symposiums "Transforming Tibetan Anatomy"
[2014/06/12-13] Symposium: Transforming Tibetan Anatomy
[2014/05/22] ISA & VISCOM Lecture: Eric Vallet - Arabia Scribenda: Written Culture & State Building in Medieval Yemen
[2014/05/15-16] 9. Tage der Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie 2014
[2014/05/14] ISA Guest Lecture: Thomas Schmidinger
[2014/05/05] Jour Fixe Nahost Aktuell: Israel-Palästina: Hat die Zweistaatenlösung noch eine Chance?
[2014/04/29] Wednesday Seminar: Mark Aldenderfer
[2014/04/17] ISA International Guest Lecture: Marine Carrin
[2014/04/11] VISCOM & ISA Lecture: Antoine Borrut
[2014/04/07] Jour Fixe "Nahost Aktuell": Der Irak: Was ging schief?
[2014/03/27] ISA International Guest Lecture: Josephus D. M. Platenkamp
[2014/03/03] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": Das Chaos in Libyen: Gewinner, Verlierer und Szenarien
[2014/03/03] Jour Fixe "Nahost aktuell": "Das Chaos in Libyen: Gewinner, Verlierer und Szenarien"
[2014/02/18] ISA Guest Lecture: Alan Scott
[2014/02/06] ISA Research Forum: Mélanie Vandenhelsken
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