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[2005/11] Capacity Building in Social Science Methodologies for Palestine (CASOP)
EU-Projekt: Structural and Complementary Measures (SCM)
Grantholder: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Forschungsstelle Sozialanthropologie
Projektpartner: Universität Birzeit, Palästina; Universität Aix-en-Provence bzw. IREMAM (Institut de Recherche et d'Etudes Méditerranéennes sur le Monde Arabe)
Koordination: Dr. Gudrun Kroner
Projektlaufzeit: 01.07.2004 - 30.11.2005

The proposal test course will encompass social science methodologies common tho several disciplines in thier quantitative and qualitative dimenstions. The target group thus are qualified Palestinian Master Graduates from the social sciences. About 30 - 35 participants will be admitted on the basis of competitive applications, after it has been ascertained that this certificate is acknowledged in the Palestinian academic landscape. The course material will be compiled and presented in a reader that could subsequently be used at Birzeit and other Palestinian universities. Accompaning the test course, two surveys of existing teaching capacities in social science methodologies will be carried out among Palestinian universities in the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Each survey will be carried out jointly by an experienced researcher from Europe together with a local expert. the outcome of these two surveys will help to adjust and elaborate the results of the test course towards a comprehensive course proposal in the social sciences with specific consideration of local condition in Palestine. Through the experience of the present pilot project, and based upon the continous interaction between local and foreign scholars as well as students and practioners, a draft curriculum will be proposed as a model course in methodology for adoption by Birzeit and other Palestinian universities.