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[2016/10] Construction and Transformation of 'National' Culture and Art in Mongolia

Dissertationsprojekt: Tsetsentsolmon Baatarnaran
Betreuerin: Maria Katharina-Lang
Projektlaufzeit: 15.02.2016-15.10.2016
Ernst Mach Grant (Eurasia-Pacific Uninet)

This study sets out to explore the concept of ‘national’ (ündesnii) or ‘traditional’ (ulamjlalt) Mongolian culture and art and its historical and contemporary transformation. It examines the context of a number of processes of cultural construction that took place in Mongolia in the socialist and post-socialist eras. This study focuses mainly on musical culture, but touches upon other genres of art including film, literature and the visual arts. My main approach is to take a critical stance towards the current concepts and categories in cultural production and to explore the processes they were constructed. Not limiting myself within a specific art genre, I discuss ethnographic examples relevant to my argument towards transformative impact of state policy. In each case I am concerned with processes of transformation in terms of the understandings and normative definitions of those categories in state policy, academic literature, and in public culture. In dealing with the concepts of socialism and post-socialism, I do not aim to characterize two clear-cut or monolithic categories. Rather, I try to explore the varied aspects, shifts, appropriations and manipulations of art and its politicization in both eras.