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[2017/06] Danube Beach and Coral Reef

Impulses, innovations, interactions and interdependence Vienna / Malé

Project leader: Eva-Maria Knoll
Duration: 01.03.2013-30.06.2017
Financing: mixed

Crucial impulses for the development of tourism in the Maldives since the 1970s were already laid in the late 1950s, when the Viennese Hans Hass explored the Maldivian lagoonswith his research vessel. Building on his first experience with the underwater world of the Old Danube lake, Hass became a pioneer of scuba diving, underwater photography and exploration of the underwater world. These impulses from Vienna's Danube beach aroused an interest in the underwater world in generations of holiday makers and contributed to shaping tourism on the Maldivian coral reefs. Following recent impulses arising from the stress caused to coral reefs by global warming, research has been carried out at the University of Vienna on restoration, renaturation and the creation of artificial reefs.
From a social anthropological perspective, this project examines the various human/nature interactions between the Maldivian coral reefs and landlocked Austria as a 'global assemblage' of human and non-human actors. The concept of the 'impulse' (from Latin impellere, 'strike, drive, induce') will thereby be refined in terms of an incentive.