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ABGESAGT: [2012/10/29] Eric Wolf Lecture: Contemporary Anthropology: Values and Forms


Paul Rabinow (University of California, Berkeley): "Contemporary Anthropology: Values and Forms"

Montag, 29. Oktober 2012, 18:00h


Aufgrund einer plötzlichen und ernsthaften Verschlechterung des Gesundheitszustandes von Prof. Rabinow muss die Eric Wolf Lecture 2012 leider abgesagt werden. Wir bedauern dies sehr, und wünschen Prof. Rabinow zugleich baldige Genesung.


ÖAW Hauptgebäude, Festsaal
A-1010 Wien, Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2

Contemporary Anthropology: Values and Forms

As anthropologists of the contemporary we observe that today there is a significant, but largely unmarked, difference between values and forms. It is not surprising in a world dominated by consumer capitalism that values are to be found everywhere; citizens have a range of obligations to have values, to uphold values, and to create value in their lives. As Kant taught us, values are produced by subjects. We observe that their incessant proliferation (as well as their seeming incompatibility among and between themselves) are mandatory aspects of contemporary life.

For an anthropologist, forms – their existence, creation, maintenance and destruction – constitute a different problem. What, for example, are the contemporary relations of values and forms, and how might one conduct an inquiry into that topic? How, furthermore, could one find the might form in which to conduct such an inquiry?

Using cases drawn from extended inquiry into synthetic biology and ethics,the problem of what is at stake and how to understand it will form the core of this presentation.