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Events at the Institute for Social Anthropology

Eric Wolf Lectures:

Since 2002, the yearly Eric Wolf Lectures offer a high-profile public platform for internationally renowned anthropologists. The lectures are organized by ISA in collaboration with the University Department for Cultural and Social Anthropology and the IFK International Research Center for Cultural Studies, and are usually published in the discipline’s flagship journal, Current Anthropology.

ISA International Guest Lectures:

ISA’s International Guest Lectures take place about eight times per year, and provide the opportunity for well-established researchers of all relevant fields to present their work. These lectures – usually in English – can also be published in ISA’s “Working Papers in Social Anthropology“.

International Anthropological Ateliers:

Every two years or so, ISA organizes this special workshop together with another European anthropological institute in order to share, discuss, and develop preliminary results of ongoing research. The outcomes of the workshop are published as an edited volume or a special focus section of a leading journal in the field.

ISA Research Forum:

This format is meant primarily as an internal forum for staff members of ISA or partner institutions to present new projects as well as the results of ongoing or completed research.

Conferences and Seminars:

Occasionally ISA organizes domestic or international conferences and seminars on theoretical-methodological debates, special topics, or regional agendas. This enables deeper anthropological and interdisciplinary debates in local, regional and especially international frameworks.