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[2010/06] DRUCK: Tuareg Moving Global
Book-project: Anja Fischer and Ines Kohl
Duration: 01.01.2009 – 30.06.2010
FWF, Universität Wien

Where is Saharan Anthropology going to?

Tuareg, an originally nomadic society living and acting in the Central Sahara and on its Sahelian fringes, which is one of the extremest habitats of the world, are linked with mobility, creative adaptation and interaction processes. The forced penetration of the colonial powers in the middle of the nineteenth century caused profound changes in the social, political and economic structure of the Tuareg (Kel Tamasheq). Thus the Kel Tamasheq are divided into five artificial countries: Niger, Algeria, Libya, Mali and Burkina Faso. During the last decades Kel Tamasheq are forced more than ever to switch between nomadic and urban life, they are squeezed into sedentarisation processes, and some of them are urged into transnational border crossers. This turns the life of Kel Tamasheq into a pretty challenging situation. But they are not victims, they rather developed creative strategies and prove a high ability towards transformation processes ever since.

The leading experts and young innovative scholars analyse recent tendencies in Anthropology of the Sahara in this book. They plead for a shift in terminology, a new theoretic approach on nomads and a rethinking of historical studies. The book explores different categories of mobility, the creation of certain cosmopolitanism, and deals with transnational movements, national strategies and changing belongings. Ongoing discourses in questions of slavery, social stratification, sense of tradition and identity result in analyses of changing norms and values. This is illustrated on the basis of new trends in gender, marriage, fertility and sexuality, or body concepts of female fatness aesthetic. Kel Tamasheq musical style influencing the World Music Scene, strategies in dealing with tourism and relations with Europeans and development projects demonstrate globalisation in the Sahara. Finally the book describes why the region is getting a playground for global economies and clarifies the recent turbulences in the Sahara. This volume presents for the first time Kel Tamasheq in the global environment, and features with multifarious examples the Saharan life in transition.

Contributors and Authors:
Dida Badi, Nadia Belalimat, Annemarie Bouman, Anja Fischer, Alessandra Giuffrida, Jeremy Keenan, Ines Kohl, Baz Lecocq, Sarah Lunacek, Marko Scholze, Gerd Splitter, Susan Rasmussen, Benedetta Rossi

In press – 2010 – I.B.Tauris Academic Studies: London, New York