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People’s embeddedness in social relations and cultural frameworks lie at the heart of social anthropology. Whereas in the past, social anthropology set out to study supposedly simple social organisations in small-scale societies that were thought to exist outside and independently of the industrialized West, the focus nowadays shifted towards an inquiry of globalisation and related migratory processes. These developments led to a new emphasis on cultural differences and interconnections within the West as well as its relation to other regions in the world. Contemporary social anthropology is dedicated to a critical appraisal of such processes and to the development of solution-oriented approaches. Consequently, Europe provides a field of activity for social anthropology. Comparative case studies, philological-historical analysis and empirical data collections constitute indispensable methods necessary for conducting successful and valuable research in social anthropology. Moreover, multi-disciplinary research activities and international cooperation are essential to the accomplishment of our research objectives.

Latest News
Announcement: Scientific employee (post‐doc)

At the Institute for Social Anthropology (ISA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) the following vacancy has to be filled by 1 December 2016: Scientific employee (post‐doc) for social‐anthropological research on mainland Southeast Asia (contemporary and/or historical perspective).

The full announcement can be found here: Announcement [PDF].


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Refugee Outreach and Research Network
Announcement: Internship (entitlement to asylum required)
[2016/09/14-10/09] Ausstellung: Nomadic Artefacts


ISA-EinladungAusstellung: "Nomadic Artefacts"

Eröffnung: Dienstag, 13. September 2016, 18:30 Uhr

[2016/10/03] JOUR FIXE „NAHOST AKTUELL": Kurden im Irak


Gudrun Harrer im Gespräch mit Verena Gruber (Doktorandin am King‘s College, Defence Studies Department London): "Kurden im Irak: Der Kampf gegen den IS und für ein eigenes Land"ISA-Einladung

Montag, 03. Oktober 2016, 19 Uhr

[2016/10/06] ISA International Guest Lecture: Demography, Marriage Patterns and Cultural Resilience



Roy Ellen (Kent, UK): "Demography, Marriage Patterns, and Cultural Resilience"

Thursday, 06. October 2016, 4pm

[2016/10/17] 11th Eric Wolf Lecture: Others Without History



Anna Tsing (California, USA): "Others without History: Organisms as Agility-Shifting Actors in the Trajectory of Capital"

Monday, 17. October 2016, 6:00pm

[2016/10/27] ISA International Guest Lecture in Cooperation with IFK: Anthropological Registration: Photographic Techniques during the First World War



Britta Lange (Berlin, Germany): "Anthropological Registration: Photographic Techniques during the First World War"

Thursday, 27. October 2016, 4pm

Meanings of Community across Medieval Eurasia

meanings of community

HOVDEN, Eirik; LUTTER, Christina and POHL, Walter (eds)
Meanings of Community across Medieval Eurasia: Comparative Approaches.
(BRILL, Open Access)
(ISBN: 9789004311978, DOI: 10.1163/9789004315693)

The Illuminating Mirror


CZAJA, Olaf; HAZOD, Guntram
Tibetan Studies in Honour of Per K. Sørensen on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday.
(Reichert Verlag)
(ISBN: 978-3-9549-0137-1)

འཁོར་ཆགས། | Khorchag | 廓迦


With contributions by Eva ALLINGER, Hubert FEIGLSTORFER and Kurt TROPPER
འཁོར་ཆགས། Khorchag 廓迦寺文史大观 [Kuojia Monastery: An Overview of Its History and Culture].

(ISBN: 978-3-7001-7668-8)

ÖAW Workingpaper, Band 29

Band 29
Angela Schottenhammer
China's Gate to the South: Iranian and Arab Merchant Networks in Guangzhou During the Tang-Song Transition (c.750–1050), PART II: 900–c.1050

Project Presentation
Intangible Heritage of Seasonal Navigation and Time Telling in the Arab Gulf

Subproject-leaders: Abdullah Baabood, Andre Gingrich, Ali lshawi, Roxani Margariti, Daniel Varisco
Partner Institutions: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Qatar University, Emory University
Quatar National Research Fund (QNRF)