Mission Statement


The Center for Geosciences (GWZ) was founded in 2008 as a managing organization for a balanced representation of the Earth sciences both within the Austrian Academy of Sciences and also towards the public. Besides having its own responsibilities, the Center encompasses and coordinates the following commissions of the Section for Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the Academy that focus on the Earth sciences:

  • Commission for the Paleontological and Stratigraphical Research of Austria
  • Commission for Geophysical Research
  • Commission for Basic Research on Mineral Raw Materials
  • Commission of Quaternary Research


The duties of the Center for Geosciences currently include the following:

  • Identify and coordinate innovative research topics and directions
    within the Earth sciences that are of relevance to the Academy
  • Initiate and support interdisciplinary geosciene research projects
  • Present a uniform face of the geosciences both within the Academy
    as well as towards the public
  • Act as a liaison between geoscience research and the public
  • Organize outreach activities in the geosciences (e.g., lectures, symposia,
    topical meetings, press releases, publications etc.)
  • Aid the scientific commissions in their administrative duties
  • Prepare a joint annual report for the geoscience activities of the Academy