Research Board

Copyright: ÖAW/Klaus Pichler
Copyright: ÖAW/Klaus Pichler

The Research Board, consisting of internationally renowned researchers working abroad, supports the OeAW in further developing research at OeAW institutes by making recommendations concerning the Academy’s research programme and determining, together with the Presiding Committee, guidelines for academic quality control.

The members of the Research Board are:

Günter Blobel (Biomedicine)

Wolfgang Ernst (Law)

Reinhard Genzel (Physics)

Martin Grötschel (Mathematics)

Kirsten Hastrup (Anthropology)

Thomas J. Hughes (Technical Sciences)

Helga M. Leitner (Social Sciences and Environmental Studies)

Nicolette Mout (Historical Studies)

Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard (Biology)

Hermann Parzinger (Antiquity Studies and Art History)