Refugee Support, Refugee Research

The Austrian Academy of Sciences supports people who have been forced to flee and conducts research on the subject of refugee crises. This website provides an overview of the Academy’s activities in the context of its initiative “Refugee Support, Refugee Research”.

Since 2015 many people have been coming to Austria as refugees. They have been forced to leave their home countries by war, terrorism and persecution. These people need support in order to be able to find their feet in Austria. To this end, last autumn the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) launched the initiative “Refugee Support, Refugee Research” in order to help people with the right to asylum who have academic or related qualifications to integrate into the Austrian research landscape. 19 people have already enjoyed internships at OeAW research institutes – from archaeology to the life sciences. By conducting research on migration, its causes and impacts, the OeAW also seeks to make an active, science-based contribution to society’s debate on the refugee crisis.

”It is our social responsibility to help people who were forced to flee, and to ease their integration in this country. By doing so, opportunities are created not only for those arriving, but also for Austria. In addition, the Academy will contribute its academic expertise to this open discussion in order to facilitate evidence-based political decisions.”

Anton Zeilinger
President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences


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