The OeAW in networks

Copyright: ÖAW/Klaus Pichler
Copyright: ÖAW/Klaus Pichler

The establishment and cultivation of international contacts has a long tradition at the OeAW. The Academy currently has bilateral agreements with more than 50 partner institutions worldwide that foster the mobility and networking of researchers, for example with the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Collège de France.

Horizon 2020

In the context of “Horizon 2020”, the current EU programme for research and innovation, the OeAW cooperates with international research partners in project alliances. These consortium projects are coordinated by various university and non-university research units such as CERN in Geneva (Switzerland), the University of Lübeck (Germany) or the OeAW itself.

Danube region

The OeAW participates in pan-European initiatives such as the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. The Academy seeks to play a larger role particularly in the scientific development of the Danube region and the neighbouring countries in order to support the region’s integration into the European Research Area, for instance through bilateral agreements.


The OeAW is a member of international organisations and academy alliances such as the European Science Advisory Council (EASAC) or the ALLEA (All European Academies). Through such memberships the OeAW is involved in scientific and economic strategic planning beyond Austria for the benefit of the Austrian research landscape as a whole.