Innovation Fund „Research, Science and Society“

In 2015, the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) established an Innovation Fund „Research, Science and Society“ to support extraordinarily innovative projects. The objective is to support research projects and initiatives that open doors to new paradigms and create new methodologies.

Deadline for submission 

15 May 2017


The applicants shall describe the innovative and exploratory nature of the project in a concise project description (maximum length five pages). The project’s innovative strength, its objective and its probability of success and, if applicable, its multidisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary nature must be described clearly in the application. The application shall be completed in English. Applications in German will only be accepted in justified cases. The documents must be electronically sent to Support Science and Research (ftadmin(at)


Projects up to a maximum of EUR 300,000 will be funded. All ÖAW staff and members are entitled to apply. Cross-class and cross-category member activities are explicitly welcome. Each staff member or member may file one project, a resubmission of project proposals from the previous Innovation Fund call in 2015 shall not be possible. The funding supports activities carried out at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In justified cases the project may be carried out externally, provided that a close cooperation with the ÖAW is established.

Duration of funding

Funding will be provided for a maximum of two years. At the end of the funding period it should be possible to see whether the project has potential for continuation or not. For research projects an application for third-party funding should in any case be one of the prerequisites for potential inclusion into the research portfolio of one of the ÖAW institutes.

Award of contract 

The decision on the award will be made by the Presidium.