Mission Statement

Media and communications research is one of the key disciplines in the modern information and knowledge society. The lesser the opportunity for individual primary experience in an increasingly dynamic and complex political and social environment, the greater the media’s power to shape public awareness through their selection and interpretation of issues.

The Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies (CMC) devotes itself to analyzing the role of the media in political communication since the emergence of the mass press in the late 19th century. The research program encompasses the structural conditions of the media system as well as the processes of mediation and interaction between the media and political actors.

Independence, interdisciplinarity and international orientation characterize the Institute’s research. The primary persepective of communication and political science is linked thematically to historical, socio-psychological and sociological approaches. Special attention is paid to longitudinal analyses and the development of methods suitable for that purpose.

CMC participates in numerous national and international cooperative ventures. It publishes the bilingual peer-reviewed book series ‘Relation’ and is engaged in promoting young scholars in the social sciences.