Peter Andorfer

… studied history at Innsbruck University, where he finished a PhD in history with a thesis on the works of the Tyrolean peasant Leonhard Millinger (1753-1834). During an extended research period at the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbüttel (Lower Saxony, Germany), financed by a ‘Digital-Humanities Scholarship’, he published an online edition of Millinger's main work ‘The depiction of the world’. He has also worked on the topics ‘research data’ and ‘scientific collections’ in DARIAH-DE and maintains the webpage for developing and deploying different kinds of DH-projects.

His research interests include micro-history and rural (reading) culture in the early modern period as well as data modelling and analysis. In all these areas, his point of reference is the development of digital editions like

At the ACDH-ÖAW he is also involved in the development of data driven applications based on Python & Django: