The "Baedeker Corpus" brings together early German travel guides on non-European countries in an up-to-date and sustainable digital form. Corpus building and design principles aim at reducing the shortage of appropriate digital data, which allow for historical analyses and at providing an incentive for further investigations in this field.

Das Wien[n]erische Diarium: Digitaler Datenschatz für die geisteswissenschaftlichen Disziplinen

An der Nutzung des Wien[n]erischen Diariums in einer digitalen Umgebung besteht großes Interesse. In diesem go!digital 2.0 Projekt soll in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Forschenden der geisteswissenschaftlichen Disziplinen untersucht werden, welche Aspekte bei der Erschließung dieses Datenschatzes von gemeinsamer Relevanz sind.

Wien[n]erisches Diarium – A digital data treasury for the humanities

Facilitating the use of the Wien[n]erische Diarium in a digital environment is of great scholarly interest for various disciplines within the humanities. This go!digital project proposes to work closely with researchers across the fields in order to determine which aspects of the data treasury are of particular relevance and should be prepared for digital use.


tokenEditor is a web application for manual annotation (or manual review of automatic annotations) of text. Albeit primarily aimed at reviewing PoS tags and lemmas, it is (planned to be) fully customizable, to support any annotation levels.

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