Biodiversity and linguistic diversity: Linked Open Data 4 Living Organisms



3. December 2015 - 10:00 to 18:00


1040 Wien, Wohllebengasse 12-14, Seminar Rooms (Groundfloor)

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The Workshop is funded by DARIAH ERIC under the DARIAH theme 2015 Open Humanities. 

DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium) is interested in supporting and improving humanities and arts at the level of digital research and teaching.

In the course of that DARIAH organises a number of events to different subjects.        
In 2015 the research field of "Open Humanities" forms the centre of interest.

The workshop “Linked Open Data 4 Living Organisms” is a joint workshop of the DARIAH partners, ACDH @ AAS (AT), Dublin City University (IE) and Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna. It is embedded into the COST action IS 1305 European Network for e-Lexicography and supported by Open Knowledge AT as well as the European Grid Infrastructures.

The main aim of the workshop is to bridge ongoing initiatives and build a network of people of several disciplines on linking lexical resources on the example of common names for living organisms.
The piloting use case for this workflow is the Database of Bavarian Dialects in Austria, represented in the NHM-Openup-SKOS-service  and its human readable representation and finally represented in the Europeana-framework.

On the concrete examples of the European projects OpenUP! - follow up and EGI-Engage DARIAH Competence Centre.


--: Discuss standards on data exchange
--: Publish data on the LOD:  OpenUp! – follow up
--: Publish data on EUROPEANA
--: Publish on the Open Data Portal Austria
--: Make use of research infrastructures like Grid- and Cloud Services (DARIAH-CC SADE use case, EGI)
--: Prepare data for publication on the European dictionary portal (COST ENeL)

--: Network towards an Alliance supporting Biodiversity and linguistic diversity.

We offer two students the opportunity to collaborate with us in the framework of the network and support travel / accommodation up to 300,00 euro per person.
--: APPLICATION with cv and letter of intent (how will you contribute): November, 25th latest.


Final Programme:

Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Heimo Rainer: Welcome, introduction
DARIAH open humanities theme
DARIAH competence centre and open science commons
biodiversity @ NHM & linguistic diversity @ OEAW
Stefan Kasberger: Open Science
Gerda Koch: Open Culture @ Europeana
coffee break
Discussion 1: Linked Open Data 4 Living Organisms
improving the existing workflow & services
lunch break
World café:
Data format, content, language/variety etc.
User needs team, workflow, repository, cloud services, webservice etc.
Research questions
Wrap up world café
coffee break
Discussion 2 & hands on: interlinking possibilities:
Data, workflow, research questions
Workshop data publication

Conclusions, follow ups


No registration fee.
Please make sure to be registered as soon as possible, November 30th latest:



Looking forward to meeting you in Vienna
Eveline Wandl-Vogt

Contact: Research assistant: